Most companies’ change initiatives fail. Yours don’t have to.

Successful change projects require motivated and engaged personnel. It also requires behavior changes among managers as well as employees. This book will help you spearhead change in your organization. The knowledge is applicable for all industries, and managerial levels, from first-line supervisor to CEO’s, from novices to experts. Hand painted graphical illustrations are there to help the reader and enhance the experience.

This book will inspire you to:

  • Lead and sustain change
  • Overcome addition to status quo
  • Mobilize commitment
  • Focus resources

Following areas are discussed:

  • How do we manage change projects?
  • What is required of the organization?
  • How to create and run a work environment where staff are motivated?
  • What can we learn from a Lean and Gamification approach?
  • How do we handle the workplace of the future: the millennium generation?
  • How do we handle the big challenge with environmental sustainability?

      Anna Russberg and Jannis Angelis are the authors of "Piska eller Morot".

Anna Russberg is the author of Piska eller Morot.


BUY BOOK:  PISKA eller MOROT English version available november 2018

Co-writer Jannis Angelis


“Everybody wants motivated employees. This book tells you how to succeed. Read it!”

Martin Wikborg, CEO, Happypancake


“The ability to integrate feedback into your leadership is core to most companies and something every organization is currently discussing. After reading Carrot or Stick? I can honestly say, I for the first time truly understand how to apply feedback and the positive effect it can have. Now I use this knowledge on a day-to-day basis to lead and keep up my teams motivation despite the challenge of a large geographical spread. I highly recommend this inspiring and knowledgeable book”

Linda Johansson, Sustainability Manager, Global Logistics, H&M