MOTIVATION – what drives people to perform well is an area that everyone works with but very few understand. I argue that most organizations and managers have an incorrect understanding of how to use motivation to improve performance. We tend to over-focus on processes, procedures, policies, new management strategies and telling people what to do. By doing so we never get sustainable engagement or high performance. Even if it feels like we are doing the right thing we are NOT. The perceived right way proves to be an investment in frustration, wasting money and resources.

Research shows that companies do not consider what drives human behaviour and the willingness to perform, when working with change management. A key element to drive employee motivation is to understand human behaviour: ‘why we do what we do’.

Computer games have been shown to have the perfect design for maximizing individual performance. I gladly share the latest insight regarding Change Management. What is true motivation? How can we apply gamification on organizations? What is the role of the management? How do we succeed?


SUSTAINABILITY – Sustainable processes have increasingly been incorporated into the strategic agendas of corporations over the last ten years, confirming predictions that sustainability would become a key factor for maintaining and/or building competitiveness, and ushering in an era of transformation and adaptation in business models and operations. Being successful in improving corporate sustainability results require behavior changes among all employees and that the company’s entire work force is motivated of driving and improving sustainability.

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of misunderstanding about what drives people to change their behaviors. Knowing the mechanism of how we acquire, lose or change behaviors is the starting point.

How can we ensure a corporate strategic decision of improving sustainability transforms into daily practice at all levels within the organization? How can we motivate our employees tapping into the daily work of improving and driving corporate sustainability results?

To help managers and organizations manage this change I provide knowledge and examples of

  • How is a sustainability culture is developed?
  • What is the role of the management?
  • How to incorporate methods supporting sustainability in day-to-day operations
  • How to improve corporate sustainability performance KPIs
  • How to transform the workforce into a willing and motivated team engaged in improving processes, work methods and business performance by actively embracing sustainability
  • How to stimulate innovation, creativity and problem solving – all linked to improve corporate sustainability
  • How to create and design effective recognition and reward system supporting sustainability performance


SAFETYMost organizations say they value safety above all else, and most have invested heavily in creating systems, processes and procedures to keep employees’ safe. Still accidents happen at work. Why?

Maintaining a safe work environment requires a complete safety management system. But until critical safe behaviours are habits, until we have created a culture of safe habits, people, equipment, and the environment will still be at risk. In many cases Behaviour-Based-Safety (BBS) is the missing part of that safety system.

My aim is to help managers understand the core features of how to create safe habits. How is a safety culture is developed? What is the role of the management? Why do organizations fail? How do we succeed?